contemporary living room

The combination of bamboo shade plus cloth drape provides extra insulation to prevent air flow. Be sure that you’ve properly fitted your drape for maximum efficiency.

cafe curtainsgrommet curtains

tab top

Let us create beautiful custom curtains and drapes for your home. Choose from all styles of pleats, tab top, cafe curtains, grommet and many more gorgeous window treatments.

fantastic bedroom

The furniture manufacturers have become using durable and also cheaper materials for instance glass, aluminum, tubular steel and vinyl to produce affordable modern furniture accessible to almost all. And affordable modern bedroom furniture is becoming a favorite choice among users because low price, great intricacies and fantastic functional value.

Chic Hanging Wooden Pot Rack

Hang your pots and pans above your sink to dry and de-clutter your cupboards.


dining room

If household arrangements mean you have to eat in living room make sure it is a pleasurable experience.

Make room

A dining area works best when there is plenty of room for you to pull your dining chair out and get to your seat.If possible keep the dining area separate from the sitting area and banish sofa and easy chairs to the other end of the room.

Alternative treatments

Where there is not enough room for a conventional table an chairs,think restaurant with a fixed table and banquettes .You could screen them off with a half height wall that also provides space for shelves,furniture,or consider a long,narrow table along one wall.This will take up even less room with benches either side rather than chairs.

Space savers

Many chairs and tables fold up ,out , down or away,and are perfect for casual dining or the occasional dinner party.Also look for small tables that open up,extend or lower to form larger dining or occasional tables.

convival atmosphere in your living room
You love to socialise and spend time entertaining your friends.These ideas will help to create a convivial atmosphere.

Seating arrangements

Encourage relaxation and conversation by arranging sofas and chairs in friendly groupings and remember,perching on a dining chair is uncomfortable.Large floor cushions are fine cosy chats or unexpected visitors.

Table talk

The best dinner parties are sociable affairs where the conversation is as important as food.If you entertain regularly,put your money towards a decent table and comfortable dining chairs so people are happy to sit.

Kitchen confidential

Combined cooking,dining and living areas help ensure that all members of household meet up at some point during the day.And if you do have a separate kitchen,it is nice to create a small, cosy space there with an arm chair for unexpected guests,for anyone in need of chat,or just a place for the cat.

Stylish ShelvingCreate visual interest in a bedroom

Keep her stylish space organized by adding simple wall shelves. Narrow shelves in various sizes create visual interest in a bedroom and offer a simple way to showcase books, artwork and other knickknacks. Small wicker baskets provide an extra organizational element and help keep the desk clear and clutter free.

perfect girl room

When decorate girl room we have to know some knowledge about girl. Girl room are identical with soft, calm and beautiful. We can also using some color on the wall. For girl room  ideas, you can consider using soft color, such as pink, soft blue, purple etc. Don’t forget to add some stuff which are appropriate with girl. Picture of favorite actor, character or even photo with friends also good ideas. Key factors when decorate girl room is how to make beautiful room with comfortable environment.


red leather armchairChoose dandelion patterned wallpaper and a leather armchair to create a vintage look in the living room. Mismatching cushions and throws give the space a cosy feel.


Modern informal living has largely made the dining room redundant so you could consider knocking down a wall to create a large living/dining space.If you are in two minds about the idea,compromise by connecting the rooms with double doors.

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