Easiest Way To Start Planning A New BathroomOne of the best and easiest way to start planning a new bathroom is to think about how you use your old one.Stand in it with a pen and paper in hand and answer the following questions.

You might think that the good natural lights is the best thing the small space is worst; the polished chrome taps look good but show watermarks; the radiator looks terrible but is great for hanging towels; and you couldn’t bear to change your large sash window.This gives you a starting point;you want to maximize space and make the most of light from the window.you might want to consider matt chrome taps that won’t show watermarks,and to change your radiator for an attractive design that will still provide hanging space.

Asking your partner and even your children for their opinions will help you create a plan of attack,and will highlight common like and dislikes.

Another way to pinpoint your likes and dislikes is to create a folder of cuttings from magazines and brochuers.Add in samples of tiles,paint colors and fabrics swatches to show the textures,colors and materials you like.Similarly,create a folder of things you don’t like this is especially important if you are going to commission a designer to help you create your bathroom.They’ll need to know what to avoid as much as what to include.

simple bolt lock

In a family home,a lock on the bathroom door may seem unnecessary.But think about your poor guests who might not welcome accidental interruptions!If you’re wary about adding a lock for fear that your children might get trapped inside,you could use a simple bolt placed high on the door where little ones can’t reach it.

vintage bathroomBeautifully crafted mirror and vanity sink are enhanced with a rich mahogany finish.

kilner jarskilner jars with their airtight seal and wide range of sizes are still a popular choice.

storage under stairs

Showering With Styling

There’s more to choosing a shower than simply picking the one that you like the look of.you must do your homework first and consider practicality,before you can possibly turn to aesthetics.

Taking a systematic approach

Different types of shower are compatible with different plumbing systems,so answering these questions will help you narrow down your choice of products.Seek professional advice if you’re at all unsure.

Under pressure

There’s  nothing more disappointing than a trickle of water overhead,when you’re hoping for a deluge.Make sure you find out your water pressure before you choose a shower and then check the manufacturer’s guidelines about water pressure requirements for any particular shower.Your water pressure will be linked to the type water supply system you have,and can be boosted by a pump.In general,you’ll need at least 0.1 bar of high-performance showering experience.

Superficial values

Although choice is in some measure influenced by your water system and water pressure,styling may also be a priority.Very few electric showers and power showers have been given the designer treatment,and are more likely to add panache to your bathroom.Electric showers tend to be limited to white plastic boxes:mixer and power showers come in solid brass plated with chrome,nickel,gold or polished brass.The latter metals obviously offer a traditional look,whereas sliver metals predominate on pared-down modern designs.

Out of sight

A value controls the flow water:this is the part you open and close by turning the handle,dial or tap.Choose from an exposed valve,which protrudes from the wall,or a concealed model-buried in the wall and covered with an attractive plate,which sits flush with the surface.Concealed valves are neater looking and the pipework that runs from the valve to the fixed shower head is also hidden-ideal for minimalist and contemporary bathrooms.

Testing the temperature

Valves are either manual or thermostatic.Thermostatic valves are more expensive but they are an excellent safety measure and are particularly needed on mixer showers where the cold water can suddenly divert to another source and possibly cause scalding.


You can spice things up this season with some creative DIY planters. So, in the spirit of summer and DIY, here are my some of my favorites for creative planting.

chandelierMaria S.C. chandelier is made from laboratory test tubes, set in two plywood bands. This surprising material and geometric shape makes this lamp both classic and innovative.

cupboard in the hallway

A cupboard in the hallway has been transformed into a walk-in wardrobe to keep clutter to a minimum.

Decorating ideas for a fireplace mantelTreasured finds and dried flowers add interest to the mantelpiece.

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