plastic crates craft

  • Don’t you love these plastic crates that also serve as storage. You could use these almost anywhere. Perfect for a craft or hobby room, and the kids can use them to pack away their toys.
  • Make your own upholstered stools for outdoors – or they are great for seating in a childrens bedroom.
  • And plastic crates are also perfect for making small tables.

alphabet display in a nurseryDIY with most of the letters and decorating items.

Replace ordinary bulbs

Using bulbs with the incorrect wattage wastes energy,so replace ordinary bulbs with low energy ones.Many stores have made their standard lamps compatible with these energy -saving alternatives.

How to Clean a BathroomThe bathroom is where you go to get clean not dirty.So you need a floor that is hygienic,and easy to keep free of dirt and germs.For this reason,carpets are really not recommended for bathrooms.Yes,they feel nice underfoot,but they harbour bacteria,dead skin,moulted hair_and if they get wet too often,they will eventually go mouldy and begin to smell.


paper window blinds

Paper blinds are easy to hang from a couple of hooks or nails.They are often very inexpensive and therefore cheap to replace when they become torn or grubby.Why not experiment and make your own using some of the amazing hand-made or unusual papers available from specialist retailers or art shops?

floor appearance

Just as scruffy shoes will detract from even the most expensive outfit,so as less-than perfect floor can completely spoil an otherwise perfect interior.Today’s spacious,unified look is enhanced by large expanses of bare floor,but even if you don’t have large spaces,the right flooring helps.Small rooms will feel bigger with a light colored floor,especially if it tones with the walls and furnishings and if you extend it to other parts of the house.The choice is wide so take time to find something that suit your chosen style.You never know,you may be so inspired by a flooring material that it becomes the star,and the basic for a whole new look.

Glass Shades for Pendant Lights

Beautiful pendant lights to suit your style from delicate to dramatic.

oilcloth cushions for patioScatter your patio with oilcloth cushions designed for outside- they make great casual garden seating.


Easiest Way To Start Planning A New BathroomOne of the best and easiest way to start planning a new bathroom is to think about how you use your old one.Stand in it with a pen and paper in hand and answer the following questions.

You might think that the good natural lights is the best thing the small space is worst; the polished chrome taps look good but show watermarks; the radiator looks terrible but is great for hanging towels; and you couldn’t bear to change your large sash window.This gives you a starting point;you want to maximize space and make the most of light from the might want to consider matt chrome taps that won’t show watermarks,and to change your radiator for an attractive design that will still provide hanging space.

Asking your partner and even your children for their opinions will help you create a plan of attack,and will highlight common like and dislikes.

Another way to pinpoint your likes and dislikes is to create a folder of cuttings from magazines and brochuers.Add in samples of tiles,paint colors and fabrics swatches to show the textures,colors and materials you like.Similarly,create a folder of things you don’t like this is especially important if you are going to commission a designer to help you create your bathroom.They’ll need to know what to avoid as much as what to include.

simple bolt lock

In a family home,a lock on the bathroom door may seem unnecessary.But think about your poor guests who might not welcome accidental interruptions!If you’re wary about adding a lock for fear that your children might get trapped inside,you could use a simple bolt placed high on the door where little ones can’t reach it.

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