A small balcony is not ideal but they are very common in some countries.Also, sometimes when you choose a home it has lots of other attractive features and the balcony, even small as it is, doesn’t seem like a priority anymore.

But just because it’s small this doesn’t mean it can’t look beautiful. IKEA has recently hosted a contest for the most cozy small balcony and there have been some really interesting ideas.We’re going to take a look at some of the best ones.

small balcony

home decor

Beautiful Galaxy Style RoomBeautiful Galaxy Style Room

Every one these day love to make their room look levish or beautiful. So these are some good ideas to make your room way more impressive

The galaxy designs you are seeing on ceiling can not be seen in day light or any other light. But at night they give a look of real sky.

candlestick holderArtisan Enamels home accessory candlestick holder

The light blue and vibrant green color interior

Colored lamps can help to accentuate a room’ scheme,while concealed lighting in alcoves makes the most of china and other treasure.

You can change the atmosphere in a room with color alone.It has a powerful effect on our moods.Warm colors suggest passion and energy.Cool hues encourage a mood of peace and calm.Different combinations of bed linens and wall colors can warm up or cool down the total effect,so try adding and subtracting color until the balance feels right to you.

Deep hued bedding envelops a sleeping space in warmth and luxury.Bedding fabrics that reflect light ,such as silk and chenille,make colors more saturated.

Snowy white linens mixed with icy blue instantly freshen up a room’s cool color palette.

warm bedding

summer decoration

embroidery on soft roman folds

Embroidery on soft roman folds adds structure and shape to a single sheer curtain panel.The panel is simply draped over the top of the rod and tacked at intervals to create an airy profile in an easily adjustable treatment.

tailored roman blindsTailored Roman Blinds are the perfect answer for windows and decors which demand a dimple treatment.

Dining Room Furniture

Dining room storage needs relate mainly to providing places for china,glassware and cutlery-especially any that is kept for special occasions.Think too about storage for table mats,cloths and other table accessories.There many also be a need for somewhere to store small appliance such as toasters,coffee makers and hotplates.Once again,the choice is between built-in storage units largely a matter of taste.

Kitchen BacksplashKitchen BacksplashEvery kitchen has its own unique style or voice that speaks to the heart of the home. Whether you have a traditional, contemporary, eclectic or transitional design your backsplash should “follow suit”.

curtain and cushion

 Choose sumptuous fabrics for cushion covers to complement curtains and wall coverings for a harmonious decorating scheme.

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