ceiling rose

A ceiling rose is the perfect complement to a room with a cornice or ceiling paneling.It is a circular or elliptical moulding which can be used with or without a pendant light at its center.

laminate worktops

Laminate worktops are easy to cut,shape and apply, and they are also wipe clean,adaptable and reasonable durable.They are available with surface designs in all kinds of colors and patterns as well as photographic and computerized images,which allow for great decorative flexibility.

sufficient light

It is important to ensure that your kitchen is as comfortable as possible to work in,with units and work surfaces at the right height ,with sufficient light and with easy access to your equipment.

If you buy a fitted kitchen ,a lot of the thinking will have been done for you, but otherwise you need to plan your layout carefully.Think about how you will use the room and arrange appliances and work surfaces accordingly.The ideal, so the experts tell us ,is the work triangle a formula that dictates the optimum distance between cooker,sink and fridge.Creating ease of movement between these three prime working spots is obviously the goal,but don’t feel constrained by the textbooks:if you want to have your sink at one end of the kitchen and your cooker at the other,go for it(but remember that you will have to carry pots and pans the length of room).

best white kitchen

Having no financial constraints can, perversely, make it harder to know quite where to start with a kitchen refit.Should you splash out on that top of the range cooking system should you fill the place with bespoke units in solid teak?Should you buy in  aal the latest appliances and gadgets and turn your kitchen into a temple to high tech?The  choice of course is a completely personal one but ,If you can’t decide which route to go down call in the experts to help.An architect or designer can give you all the options and help to focus your thoughts.

What limitless cash brings you,of course, is the luxury to create a kitchen specially tailored to your needs.Bespoke kitchens can satisfy your every whim from providing you with units custom made to fit your saucepans to furnishing you with all the extras such as built in terracotta bread containers or thermostatically controlled drawers.

If fitted kitchens aren’t your things spend your money on cutting edge appliances specialist wall finishes or fantastic kitchens furniture a custom made refectory table with matching benches ,perhaps.Alternatively reinvent the structure of the room itself.Substitute glass for brick in strategic places to let sunlight flood inside,install a wine cellar beneath the floor to create the ultimate shut away kitchen by placing everything.Anything is possible.

fitted kitchens

Many of us find ourselves cooking in teeny weeny corridor like spaces,but there are ways of making even this a pleasure and of creating mini kitchen that will function just as well as a maxi one.The key is not to stuff too much into it.reduce your kitchen kit to the absolute essentials a cooker, a sink, a fridge and think of clever ways to incorporate everything else you need.

In a tiny room,fitted kitchens make the best use of space,so find out what is available .In response to demand,many companies are now offering diminutive kitchens,from designs that incorporate everything along one wall to those that can be shut away inside a cupboard.Clever and compact design doesn’t come cheap,of course,but you should get what you pay for.

small kitchen

Canny visual tricks can help to make even the smallest kitchen seem bigger than it really is.One of the best is to use glass for one or all of your kitchen walls.A wall to wall floor to ceiling window whether it overlooks  a garden or another room-can’t help but draw the eye beyond the confines of kitchens making it seem more spacious.Creating a glass wall is a major undertaking of course but there are other,less dramatic ways of cheating the space that you can use.

Kitchen Mood Board

If you are not sure quite which look you want make yourself a mood board .When you are something you like in a magazine a brochure whether it’s fantastic appliance or a perfect color tear it out and ,once you have a collection ,pin together on a board or glue onto card.You can include natural things ,too:a beautifully colored leaf ,for example,or an attractively textured piece of bark.

Your mood board should make it easy to see what style and color scheme world best for you.It can also helps you to eliminate things that don’t fit.If your collection of colors and images is mostly traditional it makes rejecting the hyper modern cooker of your dreams that much easier.If the result is not clear cut,see what colors and materials dominate and build on them.

tiled bathroom with  vanity unit

A beautifully tiled bathroom is further enhanced with an attractive vanity unit,which can offer valuable storage space for toiletries.

wash tubs garden

antique urn or some sawed off barrels

Containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes; round, square, hexagonal, and rectangular. They are made of weather resistant wood, such as cypress, redwood, or cedar, or made of plastic, clay, concrete or ceramic.

modern coffee tablesstylish modern coffee tables

Trendy low coffee tables that become more and more popular nowadays.

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