turned a mattressA mattress should be turned twice a year.Don’t vacum it because that draws particles of skin and dustmite faces to the surface.


Structural Alterations

With your floor plan in front of you, strewn with cut-out pieces of paper that you’re trying to arrange into a sensible layout, you may despair of the size or shape of the bathroom. And standing in a dark and dingy space, with a low, oppressive ceiling and awkwardly positioned fixtures, you may think it can never be a light and welcoming room.

It is possible to alter the shell of the room and to change the structure to your advantage. But are you prepared for extra expense and upheaval? Bear in mind too, there may be delays while you wait for permission to make the changes (in some cases, structural alterations are governed by local laws and regulations and you need approval before you can start check with your designer, contractor or local planning office.)

three good reasons for structural alterations

to create more physical space

Demolishing walls to borrow space from a neighboring room and removing obstacles such as cupboards will enlarge the bathroom, giving you more room to fit in everything you want.

to enhance the sense of space

Raising or lowering a ceiling or floor, re-sizing windows or adding a skylight are all ways of improving the space you’ve got. Concealing pipes, bringing in more natural light and creating better proportions will do wonders for a small bathrooms as well.

to increase the flexibility of design

Strengthening the walls allows you to wall mount fittings, while strengthening the floor means the joists can support a cast iron tub. Simply by re-positioning the boiler or the soil pipe, moving the door or even changing the way it swings, you open up new layout possibilities.

beddroom storage

Choose your storage to suit your lifestyle.If you’re a suits person,your cupboard space should be designed with suits and shirts in mind,but if you’re a sporty person or have a penchant for expensive underwear you will probably need more shelf and drawer space.

bedroom storage space

If you share bedroom with someone,you ‘ll also have to share the storage space.This requires some give and take,so allocate space accord ind to need,and stick to it.

glass finishes

There are glass finishes to suit every purpose_sandblasted,etched,printed,texture.toughened,wired and laminated_and in colors to suit every color scheme,glass blocks or bricks allow the passage of light and are a fashionable choice,either as en-suite walling or as a dividing wall between bedroom and wet room.

mosaic tilesRoman villas and Byzantine palaces were decorated with mosaic pictures composed of thousands of tiny tiles. Interest in mosaics has been renewed recently through the elaborate designs of past eras are rarely are created. It’s more usual to cover the walls in mosaic tiles of single color or varying shades of one color such as a palette of blues. To make application easier, mosaic tiles usually come in web backed sheets, comprising perhaps 100 tiles or more, so they don’t have to be applied individually.

ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are made from a mixture of clays and other minerals, which are shaped and fired to create a stable material. Over centuries the ancient craft of tile making has evolved to encompass new manufacturing processes and technological developments and the diversity of ceramic tiles is now unparalleled: designs embrace a myriad of colors, sizes, patterns and shapes.

Ceramic tiles fall into two broad categories: glazed and unglazed. Wall tiles are generally glazed, which means they are coated with  a non-porous, protective vitreous coating.

bathroom storage

Cupboards are the staple of bathroom storage, and come in all sizes, materials and colors. You can choose fitted furniture, free standing units or wall mounted cabinets, with a variety of compartments and drawers inside.

Freestanding Furniture

Freestanding furniture

The popularity of freestanding bathroom furniture lies in its flexibility. Different elements can be moved around the room should your needs changed or if you simply want to try a different layout. You can bring in new items as and when you can afford them, or if you decide later that you need more storage. And when you move house, you can take your furniture with you.
Another reason to choose freestanding pieces is that a few select elements can look less imposing than a traditional, wall to wall bank of fitted cabinets.
Prime pieces of freestanding furniture for your bathroom might include: low sets of pull out drawers- ideal for towels, and useful to sit on too.
trolley units that can be wheeled out from under basins or pushed next to the bath whenever you need a bath side table
tall cupboards with lots of shelving inside for bottles and boxes
basin stations a bureau a table that supports a basin and provides storage  beneath
Laundry bins, so dirty clothes and wet towels aren’t left lying on the floor
storage chests ideal for towels and they make great seats too

It’s common ranges of bathroom furniture to offer both freestanding and fitted items, allowing you to create a modular look in your bathroom. Imagine a bank of wall fixed fitted based units with a complementary laundry bin or matching wheeled trolley that can be moved where you wish.

family bathroom style

Ideally,a home should have a separate WC that is easy for guests to access,as well as having a low within the main bathroom.If, at present,you have only one bathroom in the family home,it might make sense to separate the WC  and create a cloakroom.Think about how you use your home,how many people live there,how often people visit_and then imagine the increased flexibility and ease of use if your bathroom and loo are two separate entities:

Your relaxing bath will no longer be interrupted knocking urgently at the door.

The early morning queue outside the bathroom door will be reduce-one child can be brushing his or her teeth at the basin while the other is using the loo next door.

If you have guest staying,they’ll feel less anxious that they may be inconveniencing  you while they’re in the bathroom.

Creating a separate cloakroom can be as simple as erecting a partition wall within the bathroom,and installing another door accessed from the corridor.As  some stud walls can be rather flimsy ,it’s worth considering creating something more solid,or at least with a degree of soundproofing,to allow great privacy.

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