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Hallway with stair runner

Neutral hallway with stair runner

The stairway and landing is one of the most heavily used areas of your home but it is often last on the list when it comes to decorating .It may be dark area because there is not much natural light and can look scruffy due to constant wear and tear but as it is often the first area that visitors see it is important to create a good first impression.Consider the style of your stairs and use our ideas to help you invest in practical solutions for a great looking space.

1-Make a feature of your stairs by covering them with an eye-catching runner instead of traditional carpet.
2- Consider an unusual form of lighting low voltage lights recessed into the wall at stair level will give a decorative effect as well as ensuring that steps are safely lit.

3 Tongue and groove panelling is a hard wearing alternative to painted walls.Consider panelling in wide sections that are easy to fit.

4- Make the most of unused space under the stairs by creating a compact study area.All you need is a small desk and chair and shelf for storage.Get an electrician to install adequate power sockets for lighting and computer equipment.

5- Liven up stairway wall by displaying a collection of favorite photographs or pictures.Decide on a theme such as a collection of black and white prints or choose stylish frames in a similar designs or color for a sense of continuity.

6- Instead of a traditional wooden spindle to complete a look of a banister create a dramatic effect with decorative metallic blusters.

7- Keep a handy basket on the stairs to carry items upstairs or down.

8- Position an elegant console table alongside your staircase to make a focal point show off a selection of accessories.

9- If you want a carpet or a runner on your stairs avoid the risk of accidents by having it professionally fitted.Traditional gripper rods can be used underneath floor coverings to hold carpets in place or for more decorative effect try stair clips which came in a range of attractive materials and designs.

10- If you banister is looking shabby consider replacing it to give your staircase a brand new look .

Maybe this idea is quite simple for you to apply in the manufacture or purchase the stairs “ladder” of home, apartment and office.” Best Luxurious Stairs Design” this is a very amazing idea’ it come from Italian Company “Sillertreppen” which make many model of stair from classic, modern till contemporary. I wish this post can be useful for you at home.


Think of a place to go near the house several times a day, a place where traffic is intense. That is the prefect place to display family photos. Everyone in the house, but guests will be able to admire such assembly.


Corral a few candles on each step for a romantic effect to lead your loved one upstairs or as a dreamy focal point for an evening party.

Get crafty and apply your favorite fabric to your risers. Instead of using the fabric itself.