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Peacock Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

Many couples decide to give the appearance of one of the memories created from which all of them and their guests to the wedding of their kind. Achieving decided to hold a wedding this theme many couples these tasks.

The couple to get a hitch and so every year, many themes, one of the most popular themes are present in the state, today is the peacock theme wedding
The main color is gorgeous and this theme is really giving his signature to worship and celebrate the theme is couples only. Various shades of green and blues are usually silver, gold and white are combined.

Peacock Wedding Cakes Decoration Ideas
But also, the peacock theme, you can take a very different appearance and non-traditional colors of a peacock. Using the design of a peacock, just decided to use a different palette than many couples. Pinks, purples, lavenders, yellow and red are the most popular unconventional colors used for a peacock theme wedding.

Peacock Wedding Flowers Decoration Ideas
And this theme, whether it has a vintage and modern look, then adapt to almost any type of celebration. Wedding decoration, dress and favors are only part of the area can be the subject come to life.